Zipper / Button Platen Insert Instructions

Below are the instructions for installing and using the Zipper / Button Platen Insert for the Touchdown Platen on the Brother GT-541® and GT-782® direct-to-garment DTG printers.


Zipper Button Platen Insert for Brother GT-541 and GT-782 Printers


POSITION GUIDE: Installing the Zipper / Button Platen Inserts

The Zipper / Button Platen Inserts shall be placed on both sides of the Touchdown Platen as show in the illustrations below. The Undermount Platen Inserts need to be installed in order to hold the long sleeve in place when using rubber bands. Using the included long bolts, slide them into recessed holes as shown below.


Long Sleeve Position Guide for Brother GT-541 & GT-782 Printers


Then using the included wing nuts, tighten one wing nut for each long bolt from the bottom of the T-Base on the threaded screw to keep the platen insterts firmly in place. The recessed holes are sloted to allow adjustment in the size of the center channel.


ARTWORK TEMPLATE: Printing with the Zipper / Button Platen Inserts

You will want to use the Zipper Platen artwork templates provide to print from as shown below and use the standard 14" x 16" platen selection in the Brother® GT print driver.


Zipper Touchdown Platen Artwork Template for Brother GT-541 and GT-782 Printers


PRINTING NOTE: Remember that what is on the computer screen is actually flipped around and upside down. So depending on what you are putting on the platen and how you are printing on it, you may need to adjust the orientation of the artwork.


To download the artwork templates, complete the form below with a valid email address and click the Submit button. An email will be sent to you with a hyperlink that is valid for 72 hours. After clicking on the link, save the zip file to your computer. Unzip the file and you will see the different artwork templates available.


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VIDEO: Installing the Zipper Platen Inserts




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LEGAL NOTE: The use of Brother®, GT-541® and GT-782® marks are for identification purposes only. No rights are claimed to them and they are only used for identification purposes only. For additional information on these direct-to-garment printers, click here.